Tanya Michelle School of Dance

Tanya Michelle School of Dance has been teaching young people in Dublin and Kildare for over a decade. The school operates in Clondalkin and Rathcoole.
The school is registered with both the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing teaching the official syllabus to children from three years and up. We have recently added Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT) to the options available for students.
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While ballet is universally appreciated as the most graceful of dance forms, it is so much more than that. Not only does ballet assist with a developing child’s posture and deportment
but it promotes a confidence and grace that is likely to stay with the child throughout life.
Another important aspect of ballet is the interaction with other children, often leading to friendships which survive a lifetime. Overall, when taught by a professional who has not only the training in the dance form but in working with young people, ballet is a fun, safe and healthy environment for your child.
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Modern Theatre Dance

Modern Theatre Dance (Jazz) opens a new world of musicals, rhythm, jazz and theatre performance to young dancers. It’s the style of dance associatesd with Broadway and The West End.
While it is still a disciplined art form, Jazz allows a great freedom and expression to often modern and popular music.
An ideal complimentary art form to Ballet, Jazz works side-by-side to create an ‘all-round’ dancer.


Tanya Michelle School of Dance offers Ballet classes at the Scouts’ Hall, Watery Lane in Clondalkin each Saturday.


Tanya Michelle School of Dance offers Ballet classes at Rathcoole Community Centre, Main Street, Rathcoole each Friday
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